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09 Oct

The Weak Signal Propagation Reporter Network is a group of amateur radio operators using K1JT's MEPT_JT digital mode to probe radio frequency propagation conditions using very low power (QRP/QRPp) transmissions.

The software is open source, and the data collected are available to the public through this site.

But we can explain how it got a second chance this spring: Sideman concluded that he had the right idea but the wrong execution.

And his investors, who include Union Square Ventures and Oren Zeev, the early investor who backed Houzz, let him take one last stab at it.

Only problem so far is incorrect keyboard mapping when trying to fill in callsign and locator text boxes.

You'll find unique merchandise with the club logo on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, stickers, and more.

The best way to get a sense of what You Now did, and does, is to download the app today and cruise around.

You’ll find a wildly varied mix of amateur performers, most of whom are broadcasting live to a very small audience — many times to fewer than a dozen people at a time.

Season was amazing with a series of all-time record activity.

Three figures to remember: - best all time session was Jan08-2017 with 435 unique NA-EU dx spot (see - number of session with NA-EU dx spot: 317 nights (272 previous season) - 484 stations (NA EU) were able to listen to a station on the other side of the Atlantic (193 previous season).