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08 Jan

Dhaka is the capital and largest city of Bangladesh.

It is also the second largest city (after Kolkata) in the historical region of Bengal (today's West Bengal and Bangladesh).

Then the day came where I got the footage of Rani stealing the money from my wallet and the next day as usual Rani came in the morning at to my room and I was awake.

She wished me good morning and was cleaning the utensils in the kitchen.

Immediately after the ban was put in place, social networks erupted with criticism of the government — which instituted the plan largely without notice and on grounds that campaigners planned to mount legal challenges against.

As well as arguing that the legal and moral grounds of the ban were uncertain, others said that the ban addressed the wrong parts of gender relations in India.

I got suspicious on Rani and made a plan to catch her red-handed.

I bought a spy cam and installed it in my bedroom in such a way that no one can see it and it can record what is happening in the room.

This was going on for quite some time and on one day I feel that money is missing from my wallet.They provide high end service within a reasonable price.The actual seed of prostitution flourished in Dhaka after the 1971 liberation war.The list of websites was released by internet campaigners shortly after the ban began to be put in place.It included blogs covering pornography and websites for finding sexual partners, alongside traditional porn video and photo pages.