Borderline personality disorder and online dating

09 Aug

You probably will never forget that first moment that you read the characteristics of Borderline Personality Disorder and it all "clicked" for you: the moment when you tied together all of the classic BPD loose ends: the abusive upbringing often marked by extreme physical and sexual abuse, the alcoholic father, the angry mother, the broken home -- an existence marked by never-ending torment growing up -- finally culminating in the incredible sadness knowing that you can do little to help that person.You undoubtedly felt completely and totally powerless as you tried to reach out only to have her push you away, leaving you with the feeling of utter helplessness and darkness.As many more women began contacting me for help, their stories very closely echoed and confirmed what I'd already written, and this seemed to give extra weight or validity to the material.Thankfully, I've been 'lucky in love' ~or perhaps I was just very careful and discerning.

Anyone that has been in close proximity to someone afflicted with this devastating disorder knows just how incredibly frustrating it can be -- to feel engaged in a constant "push and pull" type psychodrama that can bring about "compassion fatigue" in even the most saintly person.

These enduring patterns are life-long, chronic, and highly incurable.

The female personality disordered tends to be histrionic, dependent, or borderline with smaller percentages who are narcissists.

It’s important that we tackle the most common symptoms one by one. Not just for the Borderline you have feelings for, but for all of us.

In this article about men with BPD, we’ll tackle the 5 most common symptoms you’ll experience – and what to do about it. Who we are today is a direct result of our upbringing.