Centreon graphs not updating range for using the infrared wireless port when updating

18 Sep

Today, Nagiosgraph running unchanged since 2008, easily handles its 1283 active devices with a total of 3740 individual graphs and is almost entirely 'maintenance-free'.There are several packages available for Nagios graphing.If you did not use our pages to set up your system, what you encounter on your system may be different than what is given here.Malicious network traffic (such as worms, hacking attempts, etc.) has certain patterns to it.

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() nfilus: graphs are autogenerated, if the service you defined returns performance data () zelia5: how do i generate perfdata ?

We cannot send and sometimes need it an "yum reinstall centreon".

Just because some ../install/sql/centstorage/Update-CSTG*files stop with error if action canniot be made. It's logical because thes was previously created by the "yum install/update centreon".

If you will check again in an hour or so you will see that the 5.8 will change to around 4.8.

The material on this page was prepared using Lenny (5.0) configured using our Installation and Packages pages.