Community college dating

23 Jun

Just login to Lancer Point and select “check registration status” option to find out the earliest date and time you can register.

Refunds for Credit Courses Tuition refunds are issued based upon the official date of withdrawal.

If you need a course(s) in order to graduate, or want to take a class in the Fall through our High School Enrichment option must complete the paper format Application for Admission for High School Students available at the Office of Admissions. Please note high enrichment students are not allowed to apply or register online.

These reports will enable education leaders to identify best practices and areas in need of attention, equip students to make more informed decisions on their future and help employers find skilled workers to satisfy their needs.

Your registration date is determined by when you completed all the steps to apply and enroll at PCC.Refunds dates for other credit courses are listed in each semester's credit schedule and in the list below.The college reserves the right to make the final decision on all refunds.The Academic Calendar is published annually for each academic year, fall, spring, and summer sessions.Listed on the calendar are the dates for the beginning of each term, holidays, faculty workdays, student vacation breaks, the days allowed for the dropping or adding of classes in a specific term, the date of graduation, and other dates pertinent to class attendance.