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23 Jan

It is the island's ferry port and is home to one of the nation’s four international airports.The city centre is known as Platô due to its location on a small plateau.Some islands have a lively thriving local community - with some of the best music anywhere in the world; others, equally welcoming, are predominantly developed for tourism.The largest island in the archipelago and the first to be populated, Santiago is rich in history and culture and known for its lively nightlife.Enjoy a special conversation and invite somebody for a private chat.Change ideas, secrets and enjoy the pleasure of a date.During the Ice Age, around up to 50,000 years ago, its coastline was more than a kilometre south.Around 3,000 to 1,000 BC, Ilhéu de Santa Maria south of the present city separated from the island.

The Chat Encontros provides you with moments of entire privacy.The M/S Cabo Santa Maria was on its way to Brazil and Argentina loaded with a variety of cargo and a number of gifts—sports cars, machines, china, medicine, clothing, food and beverages—from the government of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco to give to his supporters.Unfortunately, in the early morning hours of September 1, the ship ran aground on the coast of Boa Esperança.That left just one thing to deal with, and it was no small feat.A good part of the population of Boa Vista, including children as well as public employees and machine operators from the other islands, were mobilized in order to remove the cargo of the ship.