Dating advice shy singles

10 Oct

The other piece of advice I have to give you, the shy girl or shy guy, is that you might feel less intimidated by looking for people to meet at a pen pals style meeting site, rather than a strightforward dating site.

The pen pals approach is less in your face - you might be there just to make friends, for example. One of the best pen pals sites I've come across (because it protects your personal details and gives you more control than most) is Pen Pals Then carry out some free searches for other shy people (or perhaps look for people who obviously aren't shy - another approach) then only contact people or take part when you feel ready. The purpose of this 'meet shy people for dating' page is to make it easier for shy men seeking women to find suitable, compatible partners for dating, friendship or even marriage.

So small things such as smiling, keeping eye contact, asking questions, using open body language, being interested in what the other person has to say and having opinions (without being overly opinionated of course!

) that you can offer to the conversation are all things to keep in mind.

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We asked relationship coach and writer Laura Yates to share some of her top tips for dating as a shy person.

They are shy to share their luck with their friends.

Online dating websites are the best answer to them.

Focus on this idea by focussing on the other person.

Think about how the person is feeling, ask non-invasive questions and direct the attention taking place in the conversation onto the other person and this will help if you are a shy woman or shy man.