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14 Nov

Wir sind uns dessen vollkommen bewusst, dass es manchmal anstrengend sein kann eine mit diversen Nachrichten aufgefüllte Inbox vorzufinden.

You may have noticed that ~*unicorns~* are a bit of a thing these days, but if you're just catching on to the trend, you're way behind Nina Dobrev, who's been on the unicorn grind for nearly a decade. As unique as they are, they're also very inclusive." One unicorn item she's not so pleased with, though, is the new Starbucks Frappuccino.

Fidget Spinners were originally marketed to help youngsters with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, autism or anyone with 'fidgety hands' but it's quickly becoming one of 2017's must have toys for kids and adults.

The small, ball-bearing devices are rotated between the user's fingers with the momentum of the toy providing a 'pleasing sensory experience', according to some reviews.

Often, you'll only watch this kind of movie to see the monsters fight, which can often involve an Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny (such as .

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The even is BYOB, so you’ll need to bring your own booze. Did the rich kids get to color in majestic steeds while I was trying to stay-inside-the-lines of a hippo? I’ve told her off and told her how stupid it was,” one person wrote. These stupid crazes do the rounds then disappear for a while then come back. "I genuinely think that, deep in our thousands and thousands and millions of years with nature, there's a chance that an animal's going to come and attack us or eat us or destroy our village or eat our food.It's deep in our DNA that the creature's going to come today or tomorrow.In the modern time, just this small period of time in the lifespan of humanity, we've built these massive cities and we've pushed nature out, but it's still very strong in us that the animal is going to come, and it's going to destroy everything we've built.