Dating matt staines

01 Jun

It seems likely they used smaller “On the High Street just east of the Blue Anchor was the site of Johnson & Sharp’s Iron Foundry.

This started here in a small ironmongers founded by the Ashby Family in 1790. His tenant was Thomas Le Fevre who at the time was the only listed ironmonger in Staines.

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His plan went hideously wrong when the emails, originally intended for Derek Draper, a Labour blogger, somehow fell into Mr Staines's possession, and instead of replicating the success of Guido Fawkes, Mr Mc Bride was hoist by his own petard.

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Not a typical career path for a member of the commentariat, then. Iain Dale, the Conservative blogger and former parliamentary candidate who wrote a book with Mr Staines about Labour sleaze, described him to me as "essentially an anarcho-libertarian with a tremendous sense of mischief".

He said: "He doesn't have any political motivation, apart from thinking the political system is corrupt and politicians are corrupt."Mr Staines certainly doesn't seem motivated by fame.