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29 Jun

Read More » There’s no one that can bring you down in a fight QUITE like your sibling… But we’ll try to keep him focused and help him get a 2nd date! Read More » Most people go on a first date and try to IMPRESS the other person!!

Some people wear a certain type of cologne, talk about their dog, and sometimes PAY for the whole bill!!

Well In today’s Second Date Update one of our listeners decided to go on a date with a guy from France! Read More » The guy on the phone today is something that Jubal calls a 2 time loser. Read More » In today’s Second Date Update, we maybe talking to Brooke & Jubals # 1 fan of ALL time!

But after today’s second date update she may never want to go out with a … And the guy in today’s Second Date Update says it was his own BROTHER that sabotaged his new romance… In fact he’s so excited to be on the phone with the morning show it seems like he barely he even cares about the date he went on!

“The view by the jury is essential for them to fully understand Dr.

Wright’s testimony and the defense in this case.” Wright, the county’s chief medical examiner from 1980 to 1994, declined to comment on the unusual defense, the newspaper reports. Michael Baden — a former New York City medical examiner who has performed autopsies in several high-profile cases, most recently that of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez — said it’s entirely possible, albeit one cause of death he hasn’t come across throughout his career spanning five decades.

Here are a few lines that women I interview have had used on them. It offers more stock lines, like “I like that outfit you’ve got on, but your shoes don’t really match.” “Your nose is a little red.

“It’s usually the male who compresses the neck vessels of the female, with the idea that they’ll have a better orgasm as the oxygen supply is diminished to the brain,” Baden said.

“And that can lead to death.” Baden said he’s even seen cases where a woman died from receiving oral sex after a man blew air into her vagina, causing an air embolism.

Read More » In today’s Second Date Update one of our listeners went on a date with one of his office mates!

Because they can teach you a new language, culture and way of thinking!! Now, normally Jubal wouldn’t associate with somebody like this, but he …