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11 Mar

In it, always the same concoction: whisky and Coke.

It sees him through the day and keeps him – mercifully, as his entourage down the years will confirm – mostly nice and manageably mellow.

The following is a list of notable people who are now or were teetotalers (abstinent from alcohol) during their lifetime.

Some have abstained their entire lives, but others only became abstainers after a time of alcohol use.

I would argue that, in the UK, emos and hard rock fans might be added to this longevity club.

A recent British Library exhibition devoted to the art of the Gothic traced the former’s roots to at least the 18th century.

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Schiaparelli used them not just as a fastening device but a decorative component.

The zip as we know it today was actually first patented in 1913, although it wasn’t not really used for fashionable clothing until the Thirties.

Zips before the Thirties were metal, although in the early Thirties a number of companies began to experiment with using celluloid (plastic) to make zips.

If you didn’t catch the first UK punk wave in 1976 (London) or 1977 (elsewhere), it was gone before you could manufacture an affiliation – though many have tried to do just that.

To have attended Woodstock, seen Joy Division in a northern venue, been to an illegal rave: all these are proofs that once upon a time you were young and quite cool.