Hiv positive sex partners chatroom

25 Feb

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What you share with your counsellor is confidential.Research funded by the UK Medical Research Council (2002–2004) provided the opportunity to consider whether the Internet represents a new sexual risk environment for gay and bisexual men living in London.The objectives of the Internet and HIV study are to: (i) measure the extent to which gay men living in London seek sexual partners on the Internet; (ii) compare the characteristics of London gay men who do and do not seek sex on the Internet; (iii) examine whether sex with Internet-partners is less safe than with other sexual partners; (iv) compare use of the Internet with other venues where men meet sexual partners; (v) establish whether gay men use the Internet to actively seek partners for unprotected anal intercourse; (vi) determine the potential for using the Internet for HIV prevention.Those who engaged in UAI expressed less self-evaluation with regard to their unsafe sexual practices, had higher levels of hedonism associated with unsafe sex, and were more likely both to inject recreation drugs and use methamphetamine in particular.Furthermore, these participants expressed less concern with regard to HIV re-infection, infection with other sexually transmitted infections, and the transmission of pathogens causing opportunistic infections.