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24 May

Matt Smith and Daisy Lowe are allegedly the latest victims of the large-scale nude photo hacking.Naked images of the former couple are said to have been circulated online.A month later, in London, he arrives late for our interview, striding into the room, apologising, he’d been sitting in a car stuck in traffic. He’s giving off great bursts of energy, and he’s wearing a huge, loose-knit jumper, of a sort that you would have to be very cool or very famous to get away with. ‘I am a camera with its shutter open, quite passive, recording, not thinking.’ Did he do the voice?‘Well, it’s not the sort of Tony Blair, Michael Sheen performance, which I admire greatly, because he has a great ability to capture people very acutely.On Tuesday, Lawrence broke her silence on the hacking, branding the incident a "sex crime"."It is not a scandal. I can’t imagine being that thoughtless and careless and so empty inside."She also reprimanded anyone who had looked at the pictures."You should cower with shame," she continued.Former Doctor Who star and ex-girlfriend Daisy Lowe are the latest celebrities to have their naked images leaked online.The series was from some time in the 'noughties', precisely I don't know, but that tells me that Matt must have been the youngest 'Doctor Who' - ever!

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He rarely looks comfortable in his own skin, if not embarrassed. 11, on the other hand, Matt played like an old man, although the actor who played him was sooo young. Clara was the perfect "associate" for him (they tried to avoid the word companion, where Clara was concerned, because of River Song).Shame that Matt and Jenna were not in the series together for a whole series/season.I think an episode should be written where the Doctor goes back in time and properly saves Clara from the crow that is threatening her existence and is causing her to run away. said on 12/Dec/16 I've met Matt and David davids pretty much the same size as me although he had slightly bigger footwear and Matt was about an inch smaller than me and im 6 foot 1i also saw a picture the other day of peter Davidson standing tall next to Matt smith and another few doctors around anniversary time and Matt looked almost taller than 6'0.5 peter Davidson ??After new nude pics of Kelly Brook hit the web, snaps of the one-time couple posing fully naked in front of a mirror together have now emerged.According to The Mirror, around 20 photos of the pair are thought to have leaked, showing them in various different poses.