How to work with validating couples

16 Nov

3 Easy Types of Validation to help your relationship communication run more smoothly. I know its not fun to listen to, but I appreciate you being supportive.” ( Kiss ’em) or “Thanks for listening to me talk about (topic s/he is not interested in).

Example “I can see you’re tired from work, but would you help me with… Examples “Thanks for listening to me complain about work.

There is new information in studying good relationships.

It's not just reversing the grammar in the dysfunctional list.

Then of course, there was all the tension that built up around their feelings concerning Jim’s aspiration for a new job with Athlead, which ended up leading them to couples counseling. Despite being quite independent with separate interests and passions (e.g., Pam with art and Jim with sports), Conflict Avoiders easily find points of interdependence where they show caring and connection.

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Validation is the recognition and acceptance of another person's thoughts,feelings, sensations, and behaviors as understandable. Holding someone's hand when they are having a painful medical treatment, listening with your whole mind and doing nothing but listening to a child describe their day in first grade, and going to a friend's house at midnight to sit with her while she cries because a supposed friend told lies about her are all examples of being present.I’ll give you an example of what I mean (hypothetically).If my wife is trying to get a hold of me when I am in a meeting, and I don’t respond to any of her calls or texts, she may become really frustrated, not realizing that I am unavailable.Validation, as a communication tool, refers to acknowledging the of what another person is saying.This does not mean admitting that you are wrong, “rolling over”, or giving up….seeing their point, and verbally saying so.