Intimidating football quotes

03 Dec

From cut-throat gestures from the fans to choreographed gunfire, many teams and their travelling supporters have left Instabul in a daze due to the sheer hostility they face.

Russell Crowe : "I’ve followed Leeds since I was a little kid. It should be another great day today.” On giving the team the second practice off yesterday:“ We gave them the afternoon off. I don’t know, but it’s nothing to be disappointed about.Going back to even when I was in school I was like ‘what are we doing.’ I’d rather have the quality practices as opposed to the quantity. We’ll find that out on a weekly basis.” On Pitt’s experience playing a large factor on this team:“ The seniors are involved; there is 20 of them. He’s confident, and he’s explosive in what he is doing.It keeps our guys fresh and lets them know that we care about them.” On evaluating a “quality” practice:“ In a quality practice there is a lot of focus. It’s about the offense’s execution, and the defense’s reaction to what they are doing. If we’re just sloppy and things are wide open defensively, that’s not a very quality practice; you are wasting time, basically just out there going through the motions. If a couple guys aren’t executing—whether it’s catching, throwing or protecting the quarterback—then you’ve got problems. It’s difficult for these kids to sit out here for two hours a day. So we’re trying to get that focus and attention.” On the optimism surrounding the team right now:“ As coaches, you’re never satisfied. They have to be mature about what they do and how they do it.” On Defensive End Ejuan Price becoming a leader:“ Ejuan [Price] has been explosive—more explosive than he has been in the past. He is causing havoc in the backfield every day in practice. Even in Saturday’s scrimmage, we were like ‘after about 15 plays, let’s get him out. Let’s make sure we’re smart and see what those other guys have.’ But he’s a guy that doesn’t want to come out of the game.Remember, they are here in this building from a.m. He’s a guy that is having a lot of fun playing this game and understands how to do it effectively.” On redshirting freshmen:“ Every freshman wants to play.