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31 Jan

The minuscule sample was being kept between two tiny diamonds at a pressure greater than found at the centre of the planet and a temperature close to absolute zero, while its properties were studied.

But an attempt to measure the pressure using a low-power laser went disastrously wrong with a small “click” indicating that one of the diamonds had shattered into a fine dust.

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Admiral Sir Bertram Ramsay was to command the vast naval invasion.

In September 1943, it was decided that all personnel granted access to top secret documents should be given an ID card stamped with a single word, BIGOT.

According to one theory, the metal would be a superconductor capable of dramatically improving anything to do with electricity, creating faster computers, saving vast amounts of power currently lost in transmission and ushering in a new generation of super-efficient electric vehicles.

It could also be used to make a much more powerful type of rocket fuel, enabling humans to explore the solar system as never before.