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13 Apr

From the 2007 You Tube short featuring her bikini-clad and brushing her teeth in a public fountain to the 2012 Emmys opener “revealing” her sitting naked on a toilet scarfing cake, 26-year-old Lena Dunham has devoted the past several years to making her flabby torso into a political statement. Dunham’s body, with which her fans are by now intimately familiar, accomplishes precisely the opposite of conventional uses of female nudity to conceal and deny women’s humanity.Dunham’s aspiring writer Hannah, chief protagonist of and supplemented by social media self-promotion, Dunham insistently presents images of imperfect female bodies (it’s rumored she contractually arranged for only Hannah and the actress playing her middle-aged mother to be shown nude on ) along with acts of (sexual) self-degradation.Search - reallifecam -, Search results for 'reallifecam'.- bing video, Ariel and harvey reallifecam bath reallifecam lina maya from reallifecam reallifecam alina zoya reallifecam hacks reallifecam new script videos from.Real Life Cam Lina And Mark - Best Sex Dating Max & Lora - Apt.Reallifecam - voyeur videos, hidden cam, real life cam, The private life of other people.did, as its characters grew -- or in some cases were pulled, kicking and screaming -- into a semblance of adulthood that, even in the context of a show about extended adolescence, had seemed long delayed. Landing, unsolicited, a college teaching job with health insurance on the strength of online essays? That the job hadn't even begun by the series' end but had somehow afforded her a fully furnished house? More realistic: the episode earlier this season in which Hannah had a too-close encounter with a writer (Matthew Rhys, seemed to be measured by the individuals' willingness to show up for one another, repeatedly, in situations where their help often went unappreciated.Oh, some characters' life changes required more suspension of disbelief than others -- none more so than Hannah's. The show didn't paint as pretty a picture as the Cosmo-fueled fantasy that was , but it was at least honest about the transitory nature of some relationships.

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“Yeah, you think I could get that,” Clinton said, with Dunham adding, “You can get that on You Tube.” “It’s on You Tube? If Donald Trump had said something similar on camera, wouldn’t it be considered “lock room talk,” if not more?

“I mean, his stuff fell out of his pants,” Dunham said.

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