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28 Apr

Just the vacation spot for a headstrong, adventure-loving, cocktail-imbibing, fashion-conscious chick.Long averse to non-Muslim curiosity seekers, the Kingdom is now flirting with tourism, though drinking is forbidden and women can’t drive—or do much of anything—without a man.

Good bars, dim-sum everywhere, Green Apple Used Books, and did I mention dim sum? The Castro: Are you a white, gay male between the ages of 30 and 90? The Marina: If you’re blond, hetero and really into French manicures and boys who party like they are still in college but work in Finance now, this is your jam. It’s the place to find dandies serving up vegan chili, glitter-covered gayboys in hotpants shaking their stuff, older lesbians enjoying conversation with a trans* biker, bikini-clad femmes wrestling in lube, cute baby bois making out while playing shuffleboard, punk boys thrashing out some music on the live stage, burlesque beauties and daytime drag queens all downing cheap drinks, and a true sense of community.

Armed with moxie and a Burqini, the author confronts the limits of Saudi Arabian hospitality, as well as various male enforcers, learning that, as always, it matters whom you know.

I wanted to know all about Eve.“Our grandmother Eve?

Will future people know, for example, about sound of airplanes going over at night, since airplanes by that time passé? Thomas: Wow, that tree house is like twice the size of our actual house.(Thomas, as usual, exaggerating: tree house is more like one-third size of our house. Watched to see if kids would take initiative and pick up. Kids only slumped past and stood exhausted by front door. But was tired and had to come in and write in this stupid book.

Last night dreamed of two demons having sex and found it was only two cats fighting outside window. Interesting to future generations that even sophisticated college grad like me sometimes woke in cold sweat, thinking of demons, believing one possibly under bed? While picking kids up at school, bumper fell off Park Avenue. Eva assured me it was all right bumper had fallen off. Soon they will be grown and how sad, if only memory of you is testy, stressed guy in bad car. )) was, it seemed to me, touched by the simplicity of our paper-doll set. Thomas spouting all these boring llama facts, per Emmett.