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23 Apr

Vicky’s sweet, fun-loving demeanor may be attributed, in part, to her mother, Nadine Duval. And she [Vicky] likes it that way…My job is just to make sure that she does her schoolwork, she has enough sleep, she feeds herself properly and she’s a good girl.” Nadine’s eyes light up when she talks about Vicky and her two older sons, and she punctuates many of her sentences with infectious laughter.

Nadine is the antithesis of an overbearing tennis parent.“I don’t know anything about grips, about strokes, or anything,” said Nadine in her rich French-Creole accent. After watching Vicky and her interact for a few minutes, it was easy to see what a loving relationship they have, sprinkled with just the right amount of silliness. She’s so fantastic,” says Vicky as she rolls her eyes, and Nadine breaks into laughter again. I have a lot of support.”The support team includes Vicky’s two older brothers, who inspired her to play tennis and act as her part-time hitting partners and coaches.

Vi sono numerosissimi canali in giro nel web pronte a soddisfare le esigenze più "stravaganti", in Over40 ci piace pensare semplicemente di stare tra persone perbene.

La room è nata da un'iniziativa privata amatoriale, non viene perseguito alcun fine di lucro.

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Yet along came Vicky, laughing and smiling, and I was instantly struck by her charm and gregariousness.

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