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07 Aug

My mother was acting as my own search engine (with safe search on, natch), teaching me about the birds and the bees. My mother loved the CBS show starring Candice Bergen as a news anchor, and one particular episode she was watching involved a gay character. ” “No.” “It’s when two people of the same sex like each other. And a girl likes a girl.” “Okay.” “I just wanted you to know in case people make fun of you for not knowing what it is.” “All right.” And she sent me on my way.Realizing that kids absorb everything, my mother called me over after the show. While most kids absorb what they see on TV, I could tune it out like background noise. She didn’t go into the logistics of how things worked sexually between same-sex couples.I was wondering if i could call CPS on my mother for child abuse.I am a 17 year-old girl and my mother is abusive to both me and my siblings. My two older brothers no longer live with us since they have moved out for college, but they were also abused when they lived with us. My mom has always taken her emotional pain out on us. “Apparently, the castle spires look like a penis.” I looked back at the cover.This was in the 1990s, before you could just Google questions about sex. Around the same time this Disney rumor was making the rounds, “Murphy Brown” was on the air.The topics discussed may be offensive to some people.

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Because of the level of stress you have, (which you may not even realize because this pace has become your new normal), your adrenals become exhausted…just like you.

Cortisol, the stress hormone, continuously rages through your system, which raises your blood sugar level.

I wanted to stay unnoticeable in that way as long as I could.

“You can come to me with any questions,” she’d say.