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01 May

Stuff like this would make up an incredible box set, with alternate versions and unreleased songs. Monk backstage with band’s equipment in 1984 LA Weekly has an interview with former Van Halen manager Noel Monk.This is what other bands release for their fans, and […] Two months ago, Michael Anthony publicly shared the tragic news that he lost his newborn grandson from heart complications. Here’s an excerpt from the full interview with Matt Wake: Former Van Halen manager Noel E.Monk writes about this steep ascension in his new book, Runnin’ with the Devil.Although Monk […] Can’t wait for a taste what’s in Van Halen manager Noel Monk’s forthcoming book?Soon after, I began to record my first podcasts that I sent to BCT throughout 2006 and this is what led me to ultimately create the Blind Geek Zone in November of that year.BCT continued to provide a wealth of podcasts until 2012 when updating of the site ceased.Channels, crunch, effects loop and reverb are all footswitchable.Peavey's TSI tube monitoring indicator keeps players apprised of power tube status, and in the event of a necessary tube replacement, identifies which tube needs to be replaced.

Dislikes: Cheap cabinet materials and shoddy construction. But with only three tubes pushing 5-watts it’s more fun to dial this puppy to 10! Here is Jon playing his modified Squier thinline Tele through the 5XL.Listen to an ALTERNATE TAKE of Van Halen’s pop masterpiece, “Dance the Night Away’”! Their former manager Noel Monk certainly can and believes the band was on the verge of even greater fame and fortune.This is the first time an alternate Van Halen take has ever publicly leaked. with his family, in order to support the hospital that did so much for his grandson, and continues to serve the health needs of […] David Lee Roth gave the Van Halen News Desk an exclusive quote in response to the new Van Halen book: In response to the inevitable inquiries and rumors compelled. Monk had that plus a whole lot more to say about the legendary band he […] Van Halen’s then-manager Noel E.The first podcast was uploaded on June 1, 2005 and by the end of the year there were nearly 300 podcasts from Larry and many others around the blind community.BCT rapidly became the place to go to for your favorite blindness technology related podcasts.