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13 Apr

The NHL offers us a different group of athletes that really sets the sport apart from all the others.Hockey is the one sport that can offer non-stop action for nearly 20 minutes straight.Here are the pros and cons for the Devils surrounding a possible return to the NHL.That sort of production is something the Devils sorely lacked last season and every season since he left for the KHL following the 2012-13 campaign.Once the novelty wore off, sure, Kane heard “maybe a little bit” of booing, but who understood better than he? His family had season tickets in hallowed Memorial Auditorium, front row; you can see him, blond and tiny and cute, sitting on his dad’s lap in the background of a Sylvain Turgeon trading card, a Pat La Fontaine poster.When they built the new arena in 1995, six-year-old Pat Kane, swimming in a Dominik Hasek jersey, signed his name on the last steel beam to go in. And year after year, in the family’s seats behind the opposing bench, young Pat heckled visiting stars without mercy: Such is Buffalo tradition.He never forgot the time Philly’s Eric Lindros got tossed and all energy drained out of the stands. “No one was watching him or booing him.” But though Buffalonians are famously loyal, though the First Niagara crowd knew his bona fides intimately (forget six, locals love to say; only two degrees of separation pertain here), the line on Pat Kane had grown increasingly dark.

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Kovalchuk would step in and immediately serve as a top-six winger for the Devils, Outside of Taylor Hall and Kyle Palmieri, the Devils constantly rotated wingers into the top six last season.

More specifically, she's not scared of acknowledging both the pros and cons that come from splitting parenting duties.

First of all, she told the magazine, getting some alone time as a mom is rather nice.

Boos erupted in the noontime air at Buffalo’s First Niagara Center on Dec. Patrick Kane’s parents and relatives and lawyer and old teammates and not a few drinking buddies were present, after all, not to mention hundreds of loving fans sporting Blackhawks jerseys with his name and number 88.

But the jeering only got louder as the periods passed, and soon that was all you heard.