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04 Apr

He is now being investigated by judges on a number of possible charges. Alain Juppé, who does have a criminal conviction for creating a fake job, has said he will not stand instead of Fillon.

Fillon then made a speech in which he showed some contrition about ‘mistakes’ but would not concede he had actually done wrong.

If that means compromising the national interest, so be it.

As such, it wants BT Openreach spun off into what would be an independently listed company, one that would make a rather compelling investment case, particularly to overseas bidders given that entry into the FTSE 100 is comparable to putting up a “For Sale” sign.

The referee is looking at the staggering fighter, ready to send him to his corner.

Fillon is alleged to have secured his wife Penelope generously paid, taxpayer funded ‘fake jobs’ as a parliamentary assistant for over 15 years and also to have secured similar jobs for his children.

In the blue corner: Sky, with an argument that it is anti-competitive for BT to own both a broadband provider and BT Openreach, which provides the infrastructure used by BT, Sky and others to sell super-duper mega-fast broadband.

But a half-time dressing down from the club's coaching staff sparked a barn-storming revival that had Odsal bouncing.

But the direction of the points decision could have a huge impact on the future health of the UK’s digital economy and on the UK’s economy, full stop.

Sky would like a neutral arbiter to at least look at the case, namely the Competition & Markets Authority, and there’s something to be said for that.

But Conlan made boxing his life when he won the Ulster senior title and realised that he was actually very good.

Many of the kids he kicked around with ended up taking their own lives.