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05 Jul

Our sexual harassment lawyers at the Arcé Law Group wants you to understand how the law defines sexual harassment so you feel comfortable and informed bringing your sexual harassment case to court.Before our attorneys pursue your case, we review the facts of your claim to be sure your case is worth pursuing in court.RED FLAG #10: If your spouse no longer wants to have sex with you, you may be heading for divorce.While there are a million reasons why parties may be tired by the time they hit the bed, sex is an integral part of a healthy marriage.After the boy’s testimony, Magistrate District Judge Maggie Snow, sitting in Bucks County, moved the case up to the Court of Common Pleas, the equivalent of Superior Court in New Jersey.

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Raising reporting has been one of the signature goals of the federal-government's months-long initiative to improve the handling of sexual assaults on campus.

Our lawyers never want to put you through a legal ordeal unless we are confident our sexual harassment lawyers can successfully obtain compensation on your behalf.

The sexual harassment lawyers at the Arcé Law Group law firm represent clients in Newark, Jersey City, and Princeton, New Jersey.

Separated by a few feet from Barson, the child sat on the witness stand to recount the roughly 25-minute encounter they allegedly had Feb.3 in a Solebury Township park, in Barson’s pickup truck, and the events leading up to it.

Things ended, the boy said, when the boy’s mother came on the scene, with the woman able to get the license plate number of the truck and then go to law enforcement with her husband afterward.