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24 May

Sex has overtaken drug use as the main cause of HIV infections in China, leading to worries the disease may spread outside of high-risk groups into the general population, according to experts and a report released this week, ahead of World AIDS Day this Saturday.There were an estimated 50,000 new cases of HIV in 2007, taking the total to an estimated 700,000 people living with the virus in China, said the report issued jointly by UNAIDS and a committee of the State Council, China's Cabinet.In Alaska law, if there are three years separating two persons under the age of 19 who are engaged in sex, the sentence for the older person could be as harsh if he was a 45-year-old male preying on a 14-year-old female.Because each illegal sex act has its own sentence, young males straight out of high school having sex with younger females can face a lifetime of prison for something that has been going on between the sexes since…well, forever. As they do elsewhere, Alaska’s laws governing sexuality change with the era and societal norms.This was an 18-year-old man using some very bad judgment and a victim who will probably have a lot to work through during her life.He happened to have some family members who had political connections, but that’s not the crime; in Alaska, just about everyone has access to their legislators.

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The current rate of infection is less than one percent of China's overall population, he said, but as many as 50 million more are at risk now that the main form of transmission is sex.

Beijing must ensure transmission from high-risk populations "can be stopped and held down, because there is substantial potential for spreading," said Bernhard Schwartlander, country coordinator for UNAIDS in China.

A summer of teen sex can have a very high price for the older individual. Men, in particular, are held to a standard in 2016 that women are rarely bound to, and more and more men are locked up for longer and longer periods as a result.

Sex crimes and punishment were one of the topics lawmakers tackled with Senate Bill 91, the criminal justice reform bill that passed during the last legislative session.