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20 Mar

We put all our time and effort into the pursuit of the trout.”He said the magic is in the battle. it’s a huge adrenaline rush.” As the rushing Furnace Brook cascades around the rocks, the young angler explained why it’s more fun to fly fish than fish with a traditional rod and reel.“The fight on a fly rod is a lot better, every time you catch a fish, you feel like you have a monster on the end of your line every time.”There’s history here.

“They have this saying, ‘The tug is the drug.’ When the fish eats the fly and you’re connected on the other end and you feel them fighting that’s, I think, what people are in pursuit of the most . In June 1955, President Dwight Eisenhower went fly fishing at Furnace Brook.

Open floor plan with bedroom and office on the first floor, and an additional bedroom in the walk-out basement.

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But what local fans the Punjabi singer does have probably noticed something awfully familiar about his latest video, "Meri Jaaan." That's because it was shot in Burlington. (Cue sexy acoustic guitar intro, fade to flashback sequence.) The remainder of the video recounts the history of Shael and Kalpana's unrequited love affair in gloriously colorful, sensual and sweetly comedic fashion — because Bollywood is awesome like that. It's a series of near misses that begins with a chance encounter on the Church Street Marketplace in 2012.

You can also visit our overview page for more about ski resorts in Vermont.

Welcome to our new HD webcam streaming live from the base of the Single Chair.

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