Sharni vinson and kellan lutz dating

20 Mar

The couple met while auditioning for star took to Instagram EARLY on Wednesday morning to call out his baby momma for cheating on him with other men (one specifically Rob calls out as @ferraritru3) while still sending him explicit photos.In the rant that lasted multiple posts, the 30-year-old accused the former stripper of taking advantage of him, not spending time with their daughter Dream Kardashian, doing drugs, getting post-baby surgery (that he supposedly paid for), and sending him videos of her hooking up with other men. Rob also alleges that Chyna only hooked up with him and had their daughter to "get back" at her ex Tyga. Alongside nude pics that Chy allegedly sexted him, Rob wrote: "This is a pic Chyna just sent me before she fucked another man in her house with my baby in the house and her son in the house.

Kellen Christopher is yet to be married but he was romantically involved in an affair with several Hollywood actress. Both of them fell in love in the set of actor Kellen was also involved in a relationship with model girlfriend Brittany Ward.Kellen Kristopher was also rumored to have involved in an affair with famous hitmaker Miley Cyrus and on a radio show, he said: “I’ve been friends with Miley for like six years. I love hanging out with her.” He also dated with Brittany Gonzales.Apart from acting Kellen Kristopher also shares a great passion for sports.Sharing one of his pieces on women, Kellan tells the mag “Here’s one: A lack of communication leaves fear and doubt.” We got to say, that’s pretty deep (for a guy! Even though Lutz plays a protective older brother in “Twilight” he’s really a softy …telling Elle that even his “first time” was perfect and that he wouldn’t change a thing.