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14 Feb

Dating Direct has several million members and is one of the biggest and best dating sites in the world.

Their regular member parties, held in various cities, are fantastic fun and give you the opportunity to meet loads of nice people in person rather than just online.

Since then; over 5 million UK single members are using the site and can now boast that over 5,000 conversations are held every day between members.

For our Dating Direct review we found that as you first enter the site, the initial page design you see is simple, bold but actually very effective- the representation of the photo of the man and woman in each others arms, symbolising the hope that this will end up being you.

If you are serious about meeting someone new I'd highly recommend checking this dating site out.

Dating - with a logo like 'get ready to have fun & meet new people!

is the mantra of, one of the UK’s largest and most effective dating websites.’s features are fairly standard in the internet dating world, though each of them is well done.instant messenger for real-time, one-to-one chats or mobile applications).is one of the oldest and best dating sites that is still around and it just keeps getting better.-Dating direct is a large dating site, with a large customer base, expect to spend several hours trawling through profile before you fin dthe one "nugget" that is worth further investigation.The site is ideal for those that are happy to search online, chat and interracte on a daily basis- however if your a busy soul, or not that interested in searching for a date, this site may not be for you.