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21 Jul

And it certainly does not help that the USB settings have been buried into the "Xperia Settings" instead of together with Wireless & Networks where other related settings are, e.g., USB tethering. Were you ever able to connect to your Xperia S with adb?If not, you should try installing Sony PC Companion: It should automatically detect your device and install the appropriate drivers.Try opening up device manager and uninstalling what it is recognised as, then when you reinstall it, skip the first time it is recognised by the pc and it should be recognised as an ADB device the second time.The solution was to update the drivers using PC Companion."As soon as I updated to Marshmallow, I keep getting the "Unfortunately Google Play Store has stopped..." and the message keeps coming up every 5 seconds.I tried clearing the cache, deleting data, uninstalling, disabling the app, force closing, signing out of google and back on. I keep getting the pop up non-stop and it happened as SOON as it updated to Marshmallow," noted a user on the support forum. Tried uninstalling the updates in /settings/apps/google play store, also tried installing the through chrome. Spoke with customer support and running the "repair" option from Sony Bridge was the only advice they offered.The software update process may take up to 30-90 minutes.Don't disconnect the device from the computer during the upgrade process.

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They were also greeted by a pop-up sign that says their "Google Play Store has stopped." The users were also unable to open the Play Store app.

The Verizon Software Upgrade Assistant is no longer supported for the Sony Xperia devices and is being replaced by the Xperia Companion tool.

PC Companion contains Xperia Transfer, a tool for moving content from an i Phone to your new Xperia device.

regarding installing PC Companion in Ubuntu (Linux) Might be redundant, for sync and backup of phone contacts, calendar etcetera simply get a Google account and all these matters are solved.

Works perfectly calendar functions simple aswell as more hardcore fex mailing a meeting to other participants that use Google and have Android phones, the reciepent answer and tells if they are taking part of it or not, if yes the booking appears in ther phone aswell :-) For filebackup simply connect your Android smartphone (fex Experia S) via USB cable and all files appear in Ubuntu as a portable USB disc, just drag and drop.....