Speed dating research nz

29 Jul

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Another body of research showing that repeated exposure to a person creates feelings of trust and safety backs up her view that hopeful lovebirds should always go on more than one date.

Van Gelderen, who lectures in the university's Department of Management and International Business, acknowledges that some of the research could be abused because it deals with emotions and people who could be vulnerable, but he says it is not simply about commercialising aspects of life that shouldn't be commercialised.

A group of young farmers in South Wairarapa decided to ditch Tinder for speed dating with a rural twist.

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Prompted by interest in the business opportunities arising out of societal changes, Massey University senior lecturer Marco van Gelderen has previously explored the potential of the funeral trade and new age education in his homeland, the Netherlands.Everyone had a piece of paper with a list of names, where they could signal whether they were keen on the person - the old-school version of swiping right.If both people marked they were interested in each other, the committee would connect the pair after the event.The event was well-attended with 19 New Zealand schools, universities and technical institutes and 65 education agents.Joyce Hu, Education Marketing Manager of New Zealand Commerce and Industry Office said the attendance was a big step up from 2015.“It was great to see an increase in the number of New Zealand institutions and local agents involved this year, and we hope this trend will continue – along with the positive feedback,” Joyce said.“Agents were particularly pleased to see the range of institutions that had travelled to Taipei for the event and appreciated the chance to network,” she added.