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20 Nov

Hasnt been used ever since and I took it out the other day from my PC and retired it on my shelf ok, so a USB key can be used to install the SATA drivers for XP?

I really loathe floppy drives, and don't want one in my new p.c. Shame that they're needed to update the BIOS (I'm getting a GA-K8NF-9).

Needless to say, the mayor usually pronounces Linux as "LIH-nucks". This proclamation comes on the heels of his controversial stand that Linux should be called GNU/Linux.

If My school actually bothered to support USB Ports & Thumbdrives, I would have a Thumbdrive.There are 3 ways to achieve this:- make a slipstreamed windows CD with a selection of SATA drivers included- use an XP SP2 CD and hardware that SP2 knows about- set your SATA controllers to legacy or "compatible" mode, so they appear to the system as primary and secondary master controllers.#1 is the best and easiest to use, but hardest to create.Takes some skill & knowledge to get it right, and a lot of mucking about fault-finding if it doesn't.A few weeks ago my daughter mentioned that she installed Linux on her computer and how great she thought it was.I thought to myself, 'Self, changing the town's name to 'Linux' could be an opportunity to attract attention -- and money -- to our town.