Updating windows boot ini files as required

30 Jan

If you suspect that boot data is corrupt or missing in one of those operating systems, see How To Rebuild the BCD in Windows for a full tutorial.No, you do not have to manually run the command above and follow those steps in order to repair the file - you do have the option of letting a third-party program do it for you.INI file to reflect the correct system information. INI is stored in the root of your “system” partition, which contains other files like NTLDR, NTDETECT, and a BOOT folder.

Plus, lots of the software that can fix the file for you will cost you.

The utility program in the Windows PE tools has options /nt52 (NTLDR) and /nt60 (Vista and up) to store a NTLDR or Vista boot record in the first sector of a specified partition.

When a PC is powered on its BIOS follows the configured boot order to find a bootable device.

When updating to 10.7.2, there’s a Lion Recovery Update that goes along with it.

This is meant to update your Recover HD recovery partition to 10.7.2 along with your Mac.